Website penalization: how to recover?

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Hello, my money site has been spammed from some competitor with some k of unuseful links. How would you address the problem? The money has content, good and clean backlinks the auction domain i purchased, good and clean pbn backlinks…

Thank you very much.

Hi, Search Projects

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Anybody have captcha solve work, we do it please inform me i hope anybody have.
Email : –

Thank You Blackhatworld..!! :)

Looking for staff – long term 5-20$/h

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Looking for staff who want to work on longterm, you can earn a lot more than in usual VA jobs.

What you do is, promote and sell our Service on Social media – gather people and convince them, thats what you do.

– Fluent english skills
– 6Hour + a day
– Motivation and able to work on long term
– Social skills, you should know how to talk with people, how to convince them i dont like people
who just work after plan
– Self initiative

We are doing atleast one test day so you get…

Looking for staff – long term 5-20$/h ^(

Deliver emails for me 10k list

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I need someone to deliver 10k emails to my list with amazon ses or any other service.

Drop me a message if you can offer this. I will send about 100k total per month.

I need to buy 1000 copies of 1 song on iTunes from individual acc’s PLEASE HELP

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Hi there,
I need someone who offers this service so that I can help make my friends music hit the iTunes charts, I just want him to get the recognition he deserves.

Does anyone offer this service??



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LOOKING FOR USER DATA FROM SPECIFIC WEBSITES – email for website hack request


Looking for Instagram accounts to buy.

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Hello Everyone.

I am looking to buy you off your instagram accounts.

They should have a minimum of 10.000 fans (organic) and be very active.
Postengagement and Quality content is a must.

I am looking mostly for Fashion, D.I.Y., and Food.

If you have account for fashion please post your stats and the account name so I can take a look at it.

The better the quality of the account, the better you will get paid.

Vcc Help !!!

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Can somebody give me a free vcc or link where i can get one. I'll give you the unlimited adw0rds v0ucher trick. you will be able to yield as many vouchers as u will ever need. I just need a vcc bcoz i have around 5-7 $50 adwords voucher and i have already used 3-4 using diff. cc's. I need to use more of them to get free traffic. Pm me ASAP:D

Giveaways (10 phone number)

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hello guys, as the year end come, i'd like to give 10 phone numbers.


Last of us 2 – Let the hype begins!

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Sony announced Last of Us part 2 today. I'm fucking excited. Any fans here?