Huge boost in ranking through Authority website

Hello guys, my website with only 47 RD was not performing well until thedailybeastddot com website’s reputed reporter covered about our money website.

Now even for 2900 and, 1900 monthly search keywords our website is now at first page.

I think it’s a great idea to pay reporters to cover our money website.

eBay selling,

Hello guys, I’m from Georgia, and here we can’t register on paypal, so what if I buy ebay account and paypal account and start selling, will that work? If not have you any ideas how to sell it on ebay??


WTB a Walmart Auto Checkout/Auto CC Bot

hello, i’d like to buy a simple bot that runs on Google Chrome and would auto-checkout/autobuy a product that I’m interested in.
I don’t need the Bot to be fancy or anything, just simple.
I can pay by Paypal.

All new videos dying after 24 hours

I’ve got good amount of views on new uploaded videos but only for 24 hours and then video views decreasing dramatically i’m working on kids channel and noticed this change 2 weeks ago. Any ideas what i can do to make videos active more than 24 hours?

Let’s do this!

Newbie here.

Just another guy who is taking control of his life and going for a great success story. Let’s do this!

Tired of working for crappy clients and dealing with all the BS. It’s time to start new, build something amazing, and retire early. Exploring blackhat and whitehat options for setting up multiple drop shipping stores.

Been browsing the forums and it’s exciting to see so many knowledgeable experts here. Hope to learn a lot.